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Personalize through 84.51°

Kroger and 84.51° have partnered to form a new retail media endeavor that helps brands develop, nurture and embrace customer-driven relationships. We work with CPG partners to activate direct customer targeting, execute communication plans and measure campaign impact.

Partnership is key

At the core of success is a collaboration between Kroger, 84.51° and your company to develop and measure targeted campaigns.

How we work together:



84.51° will work with your brand teams to align on campaign objectives, scope and design.



84.51° analyzes purchase behavior to deliver relevant content and offers to verified Kroger shoppers.



Suppliers provide brand assets, content or digital media creative based on our specs and templates. Then we implement campaigns alongside trusted media partners, including Kroger Media Services.



84.51° provides post-campaign measurement across channels by matching exposure data to in-store purchases.

Create co-branded digital media

Download digital media guidelines to co-brand your ad with Kroger and reach customers on or across the web.

Co-branded Digital
Media Style Guide

Design digital media ads that link your brand to Kroger brand equity. Creative is submitted to 84.51° for approval once campaigns are planned.

Landing Page
Creative Style Guide

Drive co-branded digital media to branded coupon pages or microsites that live on Creative is submitted to 84.51° for approval once campaigns are planned.

Targeted Email
Module Style Guide

Incorporate your brand message into Kroger weekly emails. Creative is submitted to 84.51° for approval once emails are planned.

Let's work together

Connect with 84.51° and take your campaigns to the next level.

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